Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 38

The product: The potato bread was filled with flavor (we used roasted Yukon Gold potatoes).  AR developed a 3-day starter that resulted in a delightfully tangy bread with a moist crumb.

The babka was good, but the poppy filling caused problems.  The simple syrup that the poppies cooked in was too hydrated, resulting in a sticky bottom of the bread that clung the to the pan and turned into "babka brittle" (which was not bad in its own right).  All while the crew and I cleaned the 70 sticky loaf pans, I was thinking, "This is the price of glory;" meaning, if you try to make one of the most fabled Jewish desserts after only two rounds of experimentation, you are bound to be humbled.

The scene: We know we are hitting winter because market foot traffic is really thinning out.  Time to get ready for the three month freeze until spring.  The only market seller that was really busy was Fickle Creek Farm, and that was because they had freshly butchered meats (not the usual frozen).

Our awesome customers: Allie H, Alex K, Atrac and Suzy, Nat & Harris & Madeline, Linda and Walter, Jessica & Michelle, Jake, Zane, Meg, Shinyiing & Adam.

The crew: AR, AS, and I made it happen in the kitchen.  AS, after only two sessions, is now an expert babka roller and dough handler.  Big up also to RML and SZ also for holding down the stand -- once the pizza got delivered from Piepushers, the party really got going.  Thanks to RG for biking out all of our community deliveries.

Our weekly Facebook giveaway winner, Allie H.

Bartering: Elodie Farms (thanks Graham!); Piedmont Biofarm (thanks Adam!); Celebrity Dairy; Piepushers.  The salami, mushroom, and kale pie we bartered for with Mike and Becca was outstanding.

Double Standard?  We noticed that Onlyburger parked on Foster Street near the Market where ordinarily stands, trucks, and solicitors get shooed away by the Market po-po.  What's up with that?

Coming up: We are gearing up to apply to enter the DFM.  If you come to market next weekend and have not already signed our list of signatures asking for your support, please do so.

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