Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 60

The product: Our vegan hand pies were a great hit, selling out by 10AM.  Chef Matt from Ninth Street Bakery really did a nice job with the filling for the hand pie; ingredients: Shredded Coconut, Onion, Bell Pepper, Corn, Black beans, Potatoes, Carrot, Peas, Kale, Garlic, Jalapeno, Coconut milk, Curry Powder, Cinnamon, Clove, Cumin, Allspice, Lemon Juice & Zest, Pepper, Flour, Shortening, Oil, Salt, Sugar, Turmeric.  The chocolate buttermilk tartlet was also a winner (HM called them, "Sinfully good").  Our rye bread sold more slowly, although I thought it was one of the best iterations we've produced -- we had about ten leftover loaves that went quickly at my workplace.  The rye was made with 40% organic rye flour from Lindley Millks, and the rest organic unbleached flour from Lindley Mills.  It featured a 3-day starter build that gave the bread a deep flavor with tangy sweet notes.  It seems that sweet breads (i.e. Challah, Babka) generally sell better than any other bread.

Our awesome customers: Shannon M., Cara, David & Anna & Isabel, Joel et al., SMG & EC & SSS & MC, Weege et al., Horst, Adam, Sara.

Our giveaway winner Shannon M. pictured with AR

The crew: Many thanks to AR, Ali. R., and GV for helping with the baking.  Big up to RML for helping with the stand -- your stand attire always draws compliments!  We did have a new volunteer this week, GV, whose ebullient presence was much appreciated -- we look forward to working together more in the future.

Wholesale: The wholesale program continues to grow.  In addition to Joe van Gogh, Respite Cafe, NOFO Raleigh, Reliable Cheese, and LOMO Market, we just delivered to Bean Traders - Homestead Market for the first time this past weekend and our tartlets will be in Bean Traders - 9th Street as of Saturday.  If you live near any of those cafes, go check them out, and tell the manager you want to compliment them on those amazing tartlets!

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