Monday, November 12, 2012

Week 81

Thanksgiving on the way: Thanksgiving is almost here.  We got pies just for you:

The Product: Chef Matt hooked us up with some Smokey Greens and Mushroom Hand Pies.  Very popular.  The Pumpkin Chai Sweet Vegan Hand Pie Part II was strong too.

Da Crew: Big up big ups to Ali R., Chef Matt, SZ, Andy, Sara & Jeff, and Jamie.  Ali R. and Andy get the Berenbaum's Green Beret award of the week as they rolled nearly forty pounds of pie crust by hand (the Ninth Street dough sheeter was broken).

Shouts to our customers: AS, Aaron, HM, Elizabeth&Elisabeth, Jeff B., Ian et al., Leah.

Phrase of the Week: "Fiscal Cliff Diving"

Track of the week (selected by Chef Matt):

Sunday Sunday Sunday: Sunday the fun continued at Fullsteam Brewery for the Sweet Relief Bake Sale for Hurricane Disaster Aid.  We donated 25 hand pies and local folks really brought out some awesome treats.  There were rochers from Katie of Rose's; Nutella cookies from Kelli of Toast; handmade Moonpies; Whoopie Pies, Cheese straws; and Caramels from Burgeoning Baker; Mince Pies and Apple Caramel Pies from Shoofly Pies; Jam from This and That Jam; Black and White Cookies and Taylor Ham and Egg Sandwiches from Guglhupf; Duck Pastrami Sandwiches from G2B and a whole bunch more.  I heard they raised over $2,500 so good on 'ya.

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