Monday, June 3, 2013

Week 108

Customers from Awesometown: EC&SMG; Tom K & Family; the Halpern; Allie and Jeff; the Stock-Hoffmans; JD; Sara&Jeff; Nat&Harris&Madeline; Leah; David&Nancy; Susan; Claire&Kevin; SMW&EB&RML.

Susan and Faye (2 weeks!), newest addition to the Berenbaum's fan club

Da Crew: Props to: Chef Matt; Lauren; Andy, SZ; Jennifer.  Extra props this week to Jennifer and Stu who made it to the market in record time considering the Running of the Bulls closed off most Downtown Durham street access.

Lil' Farm: This past week, EB and I got to make it out to visit one of our favorite farmers, George from Lil' Farm in Timberlake, NC (just north of Rougemont).  Seeing the acres upon acres of tilled and planted rows gave me the sense of scale of his operation that supports his stand at the DFM.  George is probably the most ebullient farmer I know, always throwing in a rap lyric or savant-like turn of phrase to our weekly bartering of breads for veggies.  Shouts to his whole clan: Eric, Lily, Lesley, Nicole, and Kelly.  Here's George driving his tractor (below).  If you visit him at the Farmer's Market, tell him Berenbaum's sent 'ya.

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