Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 114

This week, we had Smokey Greens and Mushroom Savory Hand Pies, Sunflower Bread, Mixed Berry Pies (Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry), Superfood Salad, Caramelized Banana Hand Pies, and Ginger Lime Iced Tea.

Thanks to all of our wonderful patrons: Wenny and Kevin, Sarah and Malcolm, Yulya and Rubin, Susan and Jonah, JD, Joy et al., Matthieu, Jennifer L., Chris&Kate&Jerry, Sarah and Malcolm.
Giveaway winners Sarah and Malcolm

Da Crew: Big ups to Val, Jennifer W., Andy, and Chef Matt.

Day One (Lil' Farm to Fork):  Saturday night, we were delighted to host the good farmers from Lil' Farm and raise their produce up through some inventive dishes.  As I was looking at the beginnings of Matt's creations -- e.g. a pan of roasted mixed heirloom tomatoes in a cornucopia of colors -- I thought about the care that went into both the cultivation of the vegetables and the preparation of the meal.  In this setting, we were able to treat the ingredients with dignity -- a sack of onions to peel and chop is not a chore, but a rite of some kind.  A box of tomatoes became holy.

The dish that impressed me most was the eggplant entree.  In his rendition, Chef Matt started with a mashed potato base, sauced it with tabasco gravy, topped it with eggplant that had been roasted and then grilled using a special spice blend, then came tomatillo salsa, crispy fried onions, and finally fresh green onions. When you took a bite, it was like tasting five layers of flavors mingling together.

Also, Matt should get extra dap for composing his menu on 48 hours notice with only a slight clue as to the ingredients and quantities he would have to work with. It was kind of like Iron Chef, and when he went to the ice cream maker to churn the Tomato and Basil sorbet, I felt like that was a classic move worthy of the Food Network.

Day One Track of the Week (selected by Pandora "Underground Hip Hop"):

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