Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week 26

So I think our weekly posts are getting repetitive enough that we can now do an abridged version of all the Saturday happenings.

1. The weather: Heavy rain, followed by sun and humidity. Bob from Grill-Me (next to the Piedmont) was kind enough to offer us the shelter of his awning. Thanks, Bob!
2. Bartering: Thanks to Greg and Josh from the lemonade stand, Don from Don's Italian Ice, the folks at Lil' Farm, and Matahitu from Piedmont Biofarm.
3. The product: One customer told us we had the best doughnuts she had ever tasted. And we're not done yet. I still tweak the recipe here and there. The shortbread cookies were pretty good -- I think they would work as cookies for a Chipwich (especially if Parlour ice cream was inside). I would like to experiment further with more wheat flour and more brown sugar.
4. Our customers: With the rain, the market was a little light, but we managed to sell all the donuts and all but a dozen of the cookies. Big up to the Marvelles and JW for coming through.
5. The crew: Thanks to RML and SZ. Guys, putting up that umbrella in the rain, your bake stand green beret cred just keeps on rising. SZ, thanks so much for frying all the donuts...120 donuts in 120're the man.

1 comment:

  1. Did I seriously miss the donuts last week?
    Argh! That's what I get for volunteering.