Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week 28

Awesome customers of the week: Suzanne, Christine, A&A, Sue, Brendon, and Aiden, Lindsay, Adam, and Amber.

Bartering: Thank you thank you to Piedmont Biofarm for your kale, basil, and hot peppers. We also dropped a couple of slices of babka off to Drew at Farmhand (dude, that sausage, egg, and tomato sandwich is outstanding) and a whole babka to Kelly from Toast (which she graciously accepted...doesn't Kelly do everything graciously?).

The product: Thanks to Billy for helping with what I felt to be our best non-sweet bread thus far -- the Ciabatta. Billy fed a starter every 12 hours for 3 days straight, resulting in a starter of sweetness, tanginess, and acidity unrivaled in our prior product line. The Chocolate Babka also drew rave reviews, from "sinful" to "are you kidding me? this is real?". At the I Heart Chocolate event (the previous night), MJ Rosensweet from the Chocolate Door talked about maybe hooking us up with some specialty chocolate to further improve the product. I also want to try a babka with cinnamon, brown sugar, and honey.

Sales: We sold it all, no surprise there -- great weather plus more kiddies back in town meant heavy traffic at the FM.

The crew: SZ, RML, thanks fellas -- I think we were all working on about four hours of sleep or less, so hats off to your stamina.

This week: Thinking about whole wheat breads, and possibly some Irish Soda Bread for next week.

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