Monday, September 19, 2011

Downtown Donut 9-13-11

Last Tuesday, we rolled out mid-week Donut production.  At 8:15AM, we had old fashioned, chocolate glazed, and sugar glazed donuts on hand at the corner of Main and Chapel Hill St. across from Toast.

Donuts are probably our most popular and most highly sought-after item.  We use real butter, organic eggs, and buttermilk to give the donuts a cakelike richness.  We are still perfecting the recipe and production method.  I recently purchased a 40-quart brazier pot that will allow us to fry up to 15 at one time.  Previously, we had been using an ordinary stockpot which held a maximum of five or six.

Tuesday, sales were middling, especially during 8:15-9:00AM.  We made about 200, and sold 80.  The rest I gave to 9th Street Bakery to sell, some to Danny from Smash Hit Hot Dogs, some to Patrick from Reliable Cheese to sample, and the rest I brought to work at Duke as "Celebration Donuts" to celebrate the birth of my son four days earlier.

Because I work full time at Duke, this mid-week donut venture was meant to be my crew member SZ's thing.  To make it worthwhile for him and me, we need to sell about 200 donuts, which I don't think should be too hard once we make a few changes:

1) We will try to get our location posted to Downtown Durham Inc.'s FB and listserv.
2) We will try to publicize via the ABCD Downtown listserv.
3) If our location turns out not to have enough foot traffic, we may try in front of the post office or near the courthouse on Main.

I believe we will try again a week from tomorrow, and will update the Facebook the day prior.  If you have any suggestions to assist in the rollout, please holler.


  1. and 4) we will find a picture of you circa 198something eating your most loved chocolate glazed donut - it'll make em sell like flapjacks err donuts =)

  2. Is there a way to contact you by email? Am I an idiot because I can't figure it out? I want to ask you about bringing your wares to a church/preschool event next month!