Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 29

The product:  Our whole wheat bread came out fantastic.  It was terrifically tangy thanks to Alex's 3-day starter that was fed every 12 (?) hours or so.  The Irish soda breads were also a hit -- whole wheat quickbreads that have richness (from eggs, butter, buttermilk, and sugar in good proportion) is like a curveball classic.  Even kids whose mothers said, "He/She doesn't eat whole wheat breads," liked them.  Everything was sold or bartered, including 2 whole wheat loaves that I was going to take home but were purchased out of the back of SZ nearly-packed trunk.

Shouts to our customers and friends: Joanna and Michelle, Moria, Jill, Rachel, A&A, Renata, Franklin and fam, Bonnie, Lauren & Josh, Nate & Elizabeth (thanks guys for those bartered peppers!), Lindsay & Adam (thanks guys for the bartered tunes and movie (Babylon (1981)!), Marybeth, Zach & Molly, and Alex K.

Shouts to the crew: RML, SZ, AR, thanks fellas -- now that the weather is turning more temparate, I'm really looking forward to the rest of September.

Photos:  LDG took some great photos of the day.  Check them out on facebook.

The Biggest Loser: We never found our recipient of the weekly giveaway, Jojo.  Next time, mane.

Yesterday in the Lab: Sundays are usually a good "test" day for me, experimenting with new ideas.  Yesterday, I made red hot peppers pickled in vinegar and salt for kimchi; roasted sweet peppers (from the Marvelle family) pickling in salt and white wine vinegar; banana bread.

In the near future: We are looking to roll out more mid-week donut production.  Stay tuned.

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