Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 34

The product: This week we did two recipes that have been on the menu from the start of the stand: Irish Soda Bread and Choc Chip Mandel Bread.  One of our customers, Horst, asks literally every week, "Do you have the biscot?" meaning, do you have the mandel bread?  This week, we were able to hook him up:


Our awesome customers:  Imani, A&A, Morgan et al., Linda and Walter, John T., Zane, Kelli and Billy, Alex K., Horst, LDG and JD, and the Dave family.

Bartering: Peppers, Bok Choy, and Radishes from Piedmont Biofarm; "Mr. Heater" from Bob at Bull Durham Custom Trailers; Breakfast Slice and Sausage Gravy over Mixed Garlic Knots from Piepushers; Potatoes from Lil' Farm.

The crew: Thanks so much to SZ, AR, and RML.  AR helped me in the kitchen in the morning, turning out the 80 soda breads and 30 pounds of mandel bread.

Erratum: Our giveaway winner Jon H. could not find us and went home from the market empty-handed.  Let's all hope he returns next week!  We are at the corner of Hunt and Foster every Saturday.

This week: Working on a new rye recipe and some brioche...that's what's up.

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