Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 36

The product/sales : We had a quick sellout on Saturday -- wrapped at 11:30AM.

The shoofly pie donut was a hit.  If I did it again, I would use a little more melted butter, a little more brown sugar and molasses, and I would add more spice: cloves, cinnamon, and ginger.  And I would rename the donut to a "Brown Sugar Donut" or "Molasses Donut" or "Spice Donut".  I like Shoofly Pie, but the donut really needs a molasses custard filling to qualify as a "pie" donut.

Our weekly giveaway winner: Anne G., pictured here with her merch and AR and SZ:

Big up to the crew:  I always thank our crew (AR, RML, and SZ) profusely, but this week they really came up big.  RML, in the kitchen for the first time, was quickly cutting donuts like a pro.  We were frying, glazing, bagging, and loading product at pace till just minutes before the open of the market.  Because there are any number of possible complications to the morning baking production, this phrase aptly characterizes the process (t-shirt by Parra):

Bartering: Piedmont Biofarm (Radishes, Lettuce, Green peppers), Rob and Mo from Monuts, Jeep's Kettle Corn.

Our Awesome Patrons:  Nat and Madeline (pictured), Sarah and Jessee, Miriam, Suzanne, Anne G., Horst, Karen et al., Marybeth.

Madeline with Shoofly Pie Donut


Note: Saturday was our last market day with Spring/Summer/Fall hours.   We will be switching to Winter hours (10AM-noon) on December 3rd.  The Farmer's Market, including Berenbaum's, will be closed next weekend.  We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving filled with food, pie, and drink.

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