Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 40

Thanks to all who came out and supported us on Saturday.  We had many new customers come through due to the Indy article.  The weather was 65 and sunny and sales were like a day in June instead of January 7th.

The product: I made nearly double the usual amount of Mandel Bread and about 30% more Irish Soda Bread and we sold nearly everything.  We also dropped 24 individual-sized bags of Mandel Bread off at Reliable Cheese for sale.

Our awesome customers/family/friends: Joel +2, the Berenbaum clan down from Boston to watch their first Tarheel game at the Deandome (!), EC and SG, MC & SSS, Alex K., Ben & Ali & Esme, Marybeth +1.  I missed most of the selling because I had to run bike deliveries out to Watts-Hillandale/Old West.  If I missed you and didn't get to shout you out, feel free to comment on this post.  Our customer interactions are the highlight of our day.

The crew: Many thanks for RML and SZ for holding it down during the 2-hour sales block.  We did almost the same amount of sales in two hours that we typically do in four, so thanks guys, I admire your hustle!

The DFM app is in: Thanks to all who pledged their support and wrote letters in our effort to enter the Durham Farmer's Market.  If we get in (we should hear back in March), we will be at the Wednesday market starting in April.  There are no spots available for Saturday market this coming Spring/Summer season.

On the docket: I'm thinking about re-working the Sweet Poppyseed Babka recipe, Pain au Levain, and doing a Bagel lab this week.  I also put up pickled turnips, daikon, and beets for personal consumption -- I'm thinking about maybe doing a pickling day for the stand with root veggies that are now plentiful in winter.

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  1. We loooooved both the breads, some of the best we've had, including the bakeries in NY. Amazing. Hope to see you again soon!