Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 41

The scene: Our little corner at the Durham Farmer's Market has become quite the hotspot.  BikeCoffee, Kona Chameleon, Boxcarr Farms, Piepushers, Onlyburger, and Monuts were all within 50 feet of each other.  It would be fun if that corner became the location of a weekly food rodeo.

The product: Favorable reactions were received on both the Sweet Poppyseed Babka and Pain au Levain.  Later in the day, the Pain au Levain made a great schmear vehicle for some bartered Celebrity Dairy herbed chevre.  When we make these recipes again, I would add more egg to the Babka, decrease the hydration on the sweet poppy filling, and build the Pain au Levain starter for about another 12-24 hours.

Our awesome customers: EC & SG, Barbara, Rafa, Jennie, Marybeth, Alex K., Frank, Kara.

Our lucky giveaway winner, Alex K. (right)

The crew: Big up to AR who helped me mix the dough, roll the babka, and form the loaves starting at 5AM Saturday on no sleep.  Also big up to RML, whose fashion smarts do not go unnoticed by our well-heeled clientele.  Thanks to RG for running our deliveries out to Watts Hillandale and Old West.

This week: I'm working on almond biscotti and maybe another bagel lab (this will be iteration #8).  By the way, if you are looking for fine Italian ingredients, I would recommend CapriFlavors in Morrisville.  I went for the first time and picked up tipo "00" semolina flour for pasta-making, durham wheat flour for pizza, and a big can of delicious imported cherry tomatoes for saucing.

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