Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 70

The Product: The donuts this week got a big hurrah.  The old fashioned were as old school as it gets and were a crime not to eat with some coffee or milky sweet tea.

Our awesome customers: Aaron, Josh, Suzanne+2, Leah, AS, Frank S., Nate & Amanda & Elizabeth, Tom K. et al.

Crew Additions: We had some new standworkers rocking it out this week -- big ups to Sara and Jeff -- hope to see you back soon!  Also, many thanks to our rocksteady crew: Chef Matt, Ali R., SZ, Andy, and JW -- you guys make it happen on late Friday nights and early Saturday mornings while the rest of Durham is partying, drinking, sleeping, and hitting the coffee -- big ups y'all.

South Durham Market: We're looking forward to the "grand re-opening" of the South Durham Farmer's Market on Sept. 8 (a promotional event accompanied with radio ad buys and print articles).  The duo from Rose's (slated to open a bakery/butcheria in Downtown) is going to do a demo so that should be fun.  Also, on my way to market this week, I took down all the food service establishments you have to pass after going underneath I-40 for a 1.5 mile stretch before reaching our little nook of organic sustainable artisanry: McDonald's, Taco Bell, Papa Johns, Food Lion, El Agave Mexican Grill, Wendy's, Subway, Bojangles, and Starbucks.  Thanks for making a difference by your choice of supporting a local market!

Song of the Week (curated by Chef Matt):

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