Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week 96

The Product: This week we had an assortment of sweet and savory vegan hand pies (including Caramelized Banana), Chocolate Chip Mandelbrot, and Roasted Veggie Soup.

Our amazing customers and friends: AS, Allen&Marybeth, Horst, Sherry, Shayna, EC&SMG, LG&JD, Lisa, Alison&Kelly, Leah.  I just noticed that we are up to 555 likes on Facebook.  Did you know the Washington Monument is 555 ft tall?

Da Crew: As usual, I am awed by the dedication and dependability of our crew: Val, Andy, Chef Matt, Sara&Jeff.

Happenings: Monuts' store opened!  I dropped by on Sunday and the donuts (Apple Cider, Chocolate Chai, Red Velvet, Apple Pie a la mode) were delightful.  Big ups to owners Mo and Rob.

Track of the Week (selected by Chef Matt, RIP Biggie, 3-9-1997):

This week: Pi(e) day on Thursday.  Please RSVP!

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