Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 118

This week we had Walnut Raisin Mandel Bread, Pineapple Sweet Vegan Hand Pies, Jamaican Black Bean Hand Pies, Mixed Berry Hand Pies, Black Bean Mole Chili Hand Pies, and Superfood Salad.

Our favorite customers and friends: EC&SMG, the Marvelles, the Stock-Hoffmans, Ian&Sebastian&Pepita, AS, HM, RML.

Da Crew: Mad shouts to our hardworking crew: Chef Matt, Val, Andy, Lauren, and Jennifer.  Extra shouts to Lauren for her first bakestand-working experience - you picked it right up!

Track of the Week:

Back to School: You know Fall has dropped when there is gridlock on Broad Street for Duke move-in day, excited parents walking to E.K. Powe for Open House Night, and butterflies aplenty anticipating the first day of school (today!).  We wish all our parents and students a welcome return from vacations near and far and send you the best of luck in your child's academic progress and prowess.

Day One: Check out this week's menu: BBQ Shack!

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