Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bring It to the People

Originally, I thought that there would be no caffeinated drinks at the stand. I no longer drink caffeinated coffee and rarely drink decaf, and though I find good coffee delicious, I think it is a common addictive vice of our modern age, up there with alcohol and cigarettes.

Coffee was brought up enough times from Day One that we tried it out, and lo and behold, people drink coffee, lots of it.

As a middle ground, about a month ago, I bought some Ceylon tea with cardamom from Little India. I figured, yes, we'll have good Counter Culture coffee, but this light, sweet black tea will really be better, more sophisticated, better taste, less jitters. And so we made coffee and tea and the coffee outsold the tea, no surprise.

Maybe I will try putting out sample cups of the tea this week?


  1. I would keep the tea coming. It may grow on people. Put out attractive little dishes of stir-ins like lemon slices, honey, brown sugar cubes, etc. if you have space.