Monday, February 7, 2011


On Saturday, with no bake stand due to rain, Yoyo and I went to Carrboro (our old hometown). We started out with a take-out pastrami sandwich at the new Streets Deli. Then we sat at Weaver Street and had the deli with a Jamaican-style ginger ale. Then we dipped over to Roulette Vintage (they had a "for rent" sign out front, what's up with that?). Then (this is getting to be like a 4th grader short story) went next door to the new "This and That" (no website) (Jenny Macmillan of Nested has rented half her store to this new yet similar boutique). 2 doors down, we stopped in All Day Records. Lastly, we hit up some take-out at Sam Suchoff's new The Pig (where the old Barbeque Joint used to be). About halfway through this consumption marathon, I was crossing Weaver St. to get back to the car, thinking, "Is this what living in a vibrant, intellectual, liberal economy (such as Carrboro's) is all about? The ability to buy a bunch of tasteful, responsibly-sourced crap from 8 or 10 sellers in a population-dense, walkable small town?"


  1. Um excuse me, my fourth graders would be very offended - they are masters of transition words and loathe the over-used then! =)