Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week Six

Week Six was a smash.

The donuts sold out really quick.

The French Bread lasted till the end. We brought home 4 of 45.

SSS and MC helmed the table and took a lot of great pictures (see below). CW and RML filled in and assisted. Thanks guys!

Shouts to Adam, Chris, Annie, yoyo, EC, Ed, Karen, JB, EWB, Sally & Carolyn for coming thru.

We got our Facebook up:

And I bought cardstock to make notecards to put in bags alerting customers to the blog and facebook.

I'm working on getting vinyl signage from Kinko's for the front of the stand.

(Donut recipe below)

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  1. Love the boule (is that what it's called?) on a stick! very artsy. Awesome pics!