Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week 64

The Product: The Chocolate Babka was sinfully chocolate this week. One customer said, "You have to serve this with vanilla ice cream!". We moved a lot of product -- about fifty-five Babkas, twenty-five Challahs, ninety Savory Vegan Hand Pies, and ninety Lemon Curd Tartlets.

New Players in the Field: There were a couple of new players and playettes on Hunt Street yesterday. Maria sets up a humble table with a styrofoam cooler and no prices and no sign but her tamales were some of the best I've had in Durham. Also, I tasted the Porchetta truck for the first time yesterday -- bombin' -- probably the best sandwich I've had in Durham since Old Havana opened.

Our awesome customers: Leia; Eric C., Adam & Heather, Walter & Linda & Ben, Belinda, Jon B., Dianne F.

Giveaway winner Dianne F., with GV and AR

The Crew: I've been out of town the last three weeks so the crew has really been stepping up.  After experiencing the market in triple-digits for the first time of the season yesterday, I doff my cap for the efforts y'all make.  It was dangerously hot out there, and if any of our customers chose the comfy confines of their air-conditioned homes over coming out to Market, I totally understand.  Big up big up to AR, GV, Ali R., RML, Chef Matt, and Ryan.

DFM Developments: My post on the newly proposed Food Truck policies led to a sixteen-post Facebook conversation with some of our loyalists -- if there is one thing we hold near and dear to our hearts here in Durham, it's the food scene.  Having been out of town, yesterday was my first day checking out the mini-carnival Brian Bottger of OnlyBurger has organized on Hunt Street, complete with sawhorse blockades and music from the inimitable "Lenny Mojo Hand G":

Lenny with Small Disciple

It seems like this is a good development for the fortunes of the renegade food trucks and mobile peddlers -- our sales were strong despite the heat.  I do hope that Brian is inclusive and fair in allowing new trucks and stands to join; because he owns the special use permit that closes off the street, supposedly he has decision-making power about who stays and who goes.  But all of this could be null and void should City government pass the new food truck proposal as it currently exists.

Other Ventures: A spot has opened up at the South Durham Farmer's Market for a prepared foods vendor.  (The Market is off Rt. 55 near RTP if you've never been.)  Our application is in, so if you know anyone connected to that Market, please give us a shout-out!  We will find out if we got in by the end of the month.

Jam of the Week:

An Eminem sample; I love those bass drum kicks

This week: Bagels, anyone?

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