Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 66

The Scene (as told by LA): The Vegan Samosas and French Coconut Tartlets were huge hits - selling out by 11AM. We were especially lucky to have the maker of the samosa filling, Chef Matt, at the stand next to us. He divulged the recipe to multiple customers and I learned that turmeric is the main ingredient in curry powder - hmph, who knew? The baked goods were tasty, the weather was surprisingly pleasant, and the Berenbaum crew was at its finest.  And - for all of you who asked - babka will be back the weekend of who
knows when but hopefully soon. See you next weekend for another round of vegan hand pies, tartlets, and an assortment of jams!

The Crew: Big ups to our crew this weekend as I was out of town.  With two markets working, our crew seems to growing -- this past weekend, Berenbaum's crew was AR, Ali R., Chef Matt, Andy, RG, RML, LA, and JW.
Scary! JW, RML, and LA

Farewell to AR: Crew member AR leaves for New Orleans today to pursue a fellowship in literature at Tulane.  We thank him for all his industry and creativity.  The kimchi scene here in Durham will be poorer for his absence.

South Durham Market Report: This was our first weekend working the South Durham Market near RTP.  Thought it sounded like many residents were away on vacation, we still sold well - about 40 tartlets and 40 hand pies and a handful of half-pints of jam.

Jam of the Week (curated by Chef Matt):

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