Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 65

Food Truck Rodeo: Our little "renegade" corner has grown into a veritable food truck rodeo -- I counted 11 trucks in attendance plus Monuts, Cocoa Cinnamon, and Spread Vegan Cheez.

The product: In honor of AR departing for New Orleans, we did something patrons have been clamoring for since the beginning of Berenbaum's -- authentic bagels.  The results were very good -- not too soft, caramelized surface, lots of interior chew.

This week, Ben and Ali delivered more jam for us to sell.  It was a Spiced Peach with Ginger and Cayenne.  Although the just-picked fresh fruit jam is always great, I thought the ginger heat mixed with the cayenne heat was a strong combo.  Peach is such a great platform for spice that I could see even more ingredients being layered atop of that base -- fennel, juniper berry, peppercorn, etc.

The Crew: Many thanks to our awesome crew -- AR, RML, Ali R., RG, Chef Matt, and GV.  Once again, you guys stuck it out in 90 degree heat and full sun -- thanks so much.

Our Superlative Customers and Friends: Rahm, Justin, Joel et al., Dawn B. +1, Rich, Leia, Marybeth and Allen, Laura et al., Adam and Heather, SWVR & EB, EC & SMG, SSS, Mark +1, Annie.

Berenbaum's giveaway winner Dawn B., pictured here with AR and her plus one  

Where to Find Us During the Week: This week, you can find our tartlets and savory hand pies at Joe Van Gogh on Broad, Bean Traders - 9th Street, Bean Traders - Homestead Market, Reliable Cheese, and Respite Cafe.

The End of Sliding Scale? As business on the exterior of the market has grown more commercial with the food trucks, more and more customers are confused or downright concerned by our sliding-scale payment scheme ("How can you really make a buck that way?").  Perhaps it is time to move to a stated price with sliding-scale only for our Facebook fans?  Please leave comments here or on the Facebook.  Thanks!

Jam of the Week (curated by Chef Matt):

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  1. I kind of love the sliding scale. I think it strangely works to formalize the informal trades that typically happen anyway in a food based business. Generally, you see this around booze, but I'm happy to see it works with baked goods as well.