Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 73

The Product: Four months later, I feel like we are really hitting our stride with the tartlets.  I would say our Shoofly, Chocolate Chess, and French Coconut are as good as any you might find in a fine restaurant.  It has taken a lot of trial and error, but the crusts are buttery flaky, and the fillings deliciously moist.

Our awesome customers: AS, Patrick et al., Linda et al, Frank S., Gerard, Heather C, Nancy and Dave.

Da Crew: Many thanks to Chef Matt, Josh, Jason, Ali R., SZ, and Andy.  Extra big ups to Josh and Jason, local funk/soul connoisseurs, for pitching in as we were short-staffed.

Frank Stacio: Most Durhamites know Frank Stacio from his WUNC show The State of Things.  Frank has been a patron and supporter of Berenbaum's since the cold of Winter 2011 (when we started up) -- Frank always wearing his trademark grey woolen hat and puffy coat.  On Saturday, the tables were reversed as I got to try Frank's homemade sausage at the Cookery fundraiser and front room opening, which came out great (esp. with the fresh basil).  Many thanks to this public personality who takes the time to be deeply involved with the day-to-day of Durham and the Triangle.

Song of the Week (selected by Chef Matt):

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