Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 74

The Product: The most accurate source of feedback for our baked items comes from Rick B. who works at Ninth Street Bakery (our commissary).  If the product puts a smile on Rick's face, chances are 95% sure our customers are going to dig it.  The Vanilla Buttermilk Tartlet passed the "Rick test" Saturday with flying colors, so I know we were in good shape.  The custard was rich and sweet, and the crust soft and flaky.

Our awesome customers: Adam, HM, Dave and Nancy, Loren, Aaron.

This week's giveaway winner, Loren P. with her bagged winnings (two hand pies)

Ninth Street Bakery Patio: After years of work and perseverance, Ninth Street (our commissary location and my ex-employer) finally has their outdoor deck/patio/beer garden up and running.  Friday night, while we were baking away, the pizzas (made with baker Brian's special dough recipe (using real deal sourdough starter built up into a poolish)) were coming out so fast so furious from the hearth oven and the conga drumming could be heard throughout Five Points.  Check the clip:

Rich Baker, Poor Baker: This weekend, the weather (being so pleasant and balmy) must have driven some customers to the outdoors because market vendors noticed a decrease in traffic, especially at the South Durham Market.  So in times of having one too many tartlets on our hands, I turned to what got us into this game in the first place -- bartering.  In return for our tartlets, we received a bounty: peppers and eggplant from Piedmont Biofarm; beans from Lil' Farm; pecans from Walters Unlimited; eggplant from Hurtgen Farms; peppers from Sassafras Fork Farm; Hunkadora goat cheese from Prodigal Farm; Raw Milk Cheese from Hillsborough Cheese Co.; pea shoots from Four Leaf Farms; spicy pepper jelly from Ladybug Farms; acorn squash from Green Button Farms (smooth website!); a pumpkin from New Oaks Farm; and goodwill and tidings from the Farmer Food Share.  Sweet stuff, thanks to all, you make me feel rich.

Da Crew: Many thanks to our hardworking crew of Ali R., Chef Matt, Andy, Sara and Jeff, SZ, and RG.  Do the hustle!

Track of the week (selected by Chef Matt):

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