Monday, February 25, 2013

Special Event: Ramen Shop Wrapup

The scene: Motivated by the creativity and palate of David Chang's Momofuku empire, Matt Props and I designed a one-night-only ramen shop at Ninth Street Bakery.

The overall vibe was very good.  Close quarters combined with Japanese comfort food helped ensure an informal tone and the menu's product quality was top-notch.  Shout out to all our customers -- many bakestand patrons, FB followers, and Durhamites in-the-know came out, along with two Triangle rock stars (who just happen to be vegan).

From the get-go (5:30PM), we were slammed till around 10PM.  Sorry to all the folks who made other plans as the wait for a table quickly backed up to more than two hours.  We will likely expand the set-up next time to accommodate more patrons.  Arriving super-early or super-late is still a good move regardless to assure a seat.

Everbody had to wait.  My son Elijah, outside Ninth Street, snacking on a pouch

The product:  The ramen was strong strong strong.  We ended up doing garnishes of chinese greens, red cabbage, pickled beets, and daikon.

The crew: Extra big thanks to Val, Andy, Chef Matt, and RML (!).  Prep and execution made for two long nights and you guys are like marathon men and women dedicated to a culinary cause.

Track of the Night (consensus, 10:30PM):

Next Up Pop Up: Ottolenghi?

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