Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 92

The product:  This week we had Abuelita Hand Pies (bananas, walnuts, dark chocolate, vanilla), Cuban Black Bean Hand Pies, Blueberry Lime Tartlets, Valentine's Day Sweetie Pies (see below), Daikon Kimchi with Pineapple, Buttermilk Biscuits.

Val came up with the Sweetie Pie concept.  Here is her account of it:

"Sweetie Pies"

My mother uses this phrase. And my aunts. And my great aunts before them. It sometimes includes a pinch on the cheek as they try to decide if I've grown a second head in our time (and distance) apart. "Oh, come here you sweetie pie!" my Aunt Eve would growl. 

My mother is a pie baker. And my aunts. And my great aunts before them.

When I started baking pies on my own four years ago in my teeny tiny studio apartment kitchen, I never imagined forming hundreds of hand pies every week for Berenbaum's. Together, we are trying to find ways to make more pies. This past Friday night, making Sweetie Pies, I could feel the pinch of my cheek and the breath of ancestors on my neck, and I couldn't have been happier!

Our awesome customers:
 Amy, EC&SMG&RG, Ali&Esme, Beth&Edith, William&Friedrich, AS.

Esme with the goods, photos by Ali R.

Da Crew: Many shouts to our competent, creative crew: Val, Chef Matt, Andy, SZ, Sara&Jeff, Nancy&Jaime.  Double-shouts this week to Val who helmed the Blueberry Lime Tartlet recipe and the Sweetie Pies.

South Durham Market Update: The South Durham Market has been grinding through its first winter season, and the leanness has stoked the imaginations of the Board to increase publicity and traffic.  We now have gigantic wind-blown signs at the entrance to Greenwood commons, along with road signs off the I-40 exit.  I'm excited that these changes, along with others in the works, will really increase patronage come Spring.

Track of the week (selected by Chef Matt):

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