Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 91

The product: Chef Matt's Black Bean Mole Soup was one of the best chilis I've ever had, vegan or otherwise.  He said that he won a Chili contest with that recipe two years ago.  Wow.

Durham residents didn't exactly know what to make of the King Cakes -- we sold about 25 of the 40 we made.  Perhaps it is just a New Orleans thing, or perhaps the colored sugar scared off some of our more "artisinal"-minded customers.  A few customers knew to ask if there was a baby hidden inside (there was), and one family originally from New Orleans was giddy with excitement, especially because it is hard to find good King Cake these days even in New Orleans (they carry it at drug stores and supermarkets and the generic version tastes like a sodden Entenmann's danish roll).  Our brioche filled with cinnamon and pecans was certainly a step up, without the overdose of icing sugar on top.  

King Cakes on the assembly line

Our superlative customers: Alex&Brian, Yulya, Stan, William&Freidrich, Beth&Edith, Linda.  Shouts to our regulars and everyone who came by, especially those who are really digging the Kimchi -- y'all are motivational.

Claire and giveaway winners Alex and Brian with their King Cake

Da Crew: Many thanks to our awesome crew this week: Chef Matt, Val, Andy, Jaime, Jay, Claire, and SZ. Special thanks to Val and Andy for uncovering the mysteries of making colored sugar with me.

This week: Valentine's Day Specials next weekend!

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