Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week 15

This week, we did Brioche Challah, BOOM BOOM Brioche Buns, and Whole Wheat Birdseed Semolina Bread. The stand sold the most we've ever sold in terms of dollar amount.

I was pretty satisfied with the brioche challah. The salt % could come up slightly, and possibly also the sugar %. I got my braiding technique down for the 4-pound Celebration Challah (almost 2 feet long!).

The Whole Wheat Semolina bread came out pretty well, albeit not the way I intended. It came out like a coarse toasting loaf. Flavor was pretty good. If I did it again, I would increase the hydration %. The difficult thing with a semolina bread is that semolina absorbs much more water than an ordinary unbleached flour. We're always learning here at Berenbaum's.

Big up to yoyo and MPT for finding a 2-foot long letter "B" at the Scrap Exchange two weeks ago (prior to the roof collapse). Now customers can ID us from 200-ft away.

Many thanks to: the Marvelles, Bob and Lori, Franklin, J & J, A & A, EC, SJ, and SG for coming through.

Thanks to SZ and RML for working the stand. RML, you are a Berenbaum's green beret for having shown up at 6:45AM unasked to protect our corner from the Kettle Corn Guy (who never showed anyway due to threat of rain). I salute you!

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