Saturday, May 21, 2011

Week 16: The Nosh

As the weather has brightened and warmed, sellers have been coming out with new and enticing things for noshers like myself to nosh at the market. To break up the 4-hour shift at the stand, I go on "field trips" to the market itself and outlying trucks to sample everything new. This week's nosh: Sassafras tea from Sean (vendor name unknown), Strawberry and Vincotto ice cream sandwiches from Dolly at Dolly Mama's, slices from Mike and Becca at Pie Pushers, sausage slider from Patrice and Aiesha at Sweet and Savory Express, a tour of Vanessa and Yoni's truck at The Parlour (no ice cream eaten -- we were full). Thanks to all you guys for brightening our day with your treats!

At the stand, we brought back the donuts, oh, the donuts, but with no Franklin to be found, they must surely come back again. Also, cheddar cheese and buttermilk biscuits.

This week's awesome patrons: Amy (with kids in tow), Alan, TC, A&A, Jerry.

Big up to the crew: RML, GP, and SZ. With the higher volumes of product we are moving now, SZ will be helping me in the bakery in the early mornings to get everything out. This was his first week -- 3AM wasn't so hard, was it? He handled the donut frying like a champ after 10 minutes; I applaud you, dude.

Atrac and Suzy holding it down at Big Bean Roasters:

The flavor table at The Parlour (note that they have Berenbaum's donuts as a topping. yoyo told me that she was in line today at Motorco and the girl in front of her said to her guy, "I hear you have to get the donuts on top." yesyes.):

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