Sunday, May 22, 2011

Change is Person to Person

I have an update on the Watts-Hillandale / Old West subscription service. We started out with about 12 subscribers the first month. I was pretty busy and did not get to do more canvassing after our first day until we hit more streets a week ago with A&A. Below is a route map of the territory we have covered thus far. If a resident was not home, we left a little tag with an introduction to the bakery and how best to look us up. I would say someone was home about 20% of the time we knocked. We did well -- picked up about 8 new trial subscribers that will hopefully convert over at the end of their trial. In walking around the neighborhood and having good conversations, I was reminded of a phrase I heard when working last year on a public health campaign within Duke University: "Change is person to person." Meaning, we can all have advanced degrees, read theory, and make Powerpoints, but ultimately, change, progress, and the dissemination of ideas happens person to person, hand to hand, in exchanges that are informal and live.

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