Saturday, May 7, 2011

Week 14: You couldn't run a lemonade stand!

When I see business projects that appear doomed to failure, I often say to myself, "Here you are trying to do X, and you couldn't run a lemonade stand!"

Well today was Lemonade Day Durham, so there was no less than three pop-up lemonade stands near the Farmer's Market (see pic of one below). These kids, who participated through their school or YMCA, showed a lot of heart hawking their product. Big up, lil' entrepreneurs!

We sold big at the market too -- our biggest day yet. We sold out about 20 challah, 35 babka, and 33 Birdseed semolina breads.

Other news at the market: Yoni and Vanessa from The Parlour marked their opening on the Durham Food Scene by giving away free ice cream near the market. Salty caramel. Strawberry. Very creamy. Be on the lookout for their minibus pulling up to a beer dispensary near you.

Big up to: George from Lil' Farm (bartered bread for chinese cabbage and turnips); Greg and Danielle from Celebrity Dairy (I just had some bartered chevre schmeared on toasted Birdseed semolina, Mon Dieu, that was good!); Kyle and Kaitlin from Sunset Farm (nice strawberries, guys); the Marvelle-ous gang; Lori; Adam.

Thanks to SZ, RML, and CW for helping out. Also thanks to CW's cousins, Toot and ZZ for hustling up some business in front of the stand, pitching samples, looking like little dapper dons.

Jeep the Kettle Corn Guy. Jeep, you unapologetically stole our location that we had been holding down since the dead of January, but's all good, you have a nice smile and you accepted my olive branch of one juicy strawberry from Sunset Farms.

Yoni and Vanessa from The Parlour.

Lemons off the chain!

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