Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gluttonface: Asheville, NC

I mentioned in this post that I deplore gluttony, but I should qualify that by saying that gluttony is entirely permissible while traveling. This weekend while in Asheville, NC for a wedding, yoyo and I dined at three of Asheville's finest eating establishments and quaffed beers at two local breweries.

Highlights: 1) yoyo and I had tried to get into Early Girl Eatery twice before and each time didn't have time to wait ~45 minutes for a table. EG has a great logo and a lot of nice touches (blackberry jam in a pot on the table, homemade banana bread served warm from the grill-top, freerunning Sugar in the Raw for your coffee), but the biscuits were subpar (dense, the result of a pasty dough), and the banana bread far outshone the trademark tomato gravy (which tasted like a bland puree (why are organic hothouse tomatoes usually watery and tasteless?)). 2) Wedge Brewery -- a cool little watering hole by the river -- possibly where the "real" people in Asheville drink. The beer was flowing freely from $11 pitchers and kept our whole post-wedding crew in a good mood. Recommended: Iron Rail IPA (7.0% alc.). 3) The Admiral. I'd read so many quotes on the internet attesting to the Admiral's "hipsterness" that a perverse sense of curiosity and boredom drove yoyo and I there latenight to sample General Tso's Veal Sweetbreads (unremarkable - the glaze was ketchup-y). The vibe was good though, the soundtrack excellent, and the quasi-hipsters of Asheville were balanced by thrill-seeking boomers and senior citizens....Williamsburg the Admiral is not. Yoyo adds that the brownie dessert we shared was deliciously underbaked and the blueberry cream topping was tres bien. 4) Sunny Point Cafe -- yoyo and I had tried to get in here three times, and always passed because of the 45min-1hr wait. Recommended by yoyo: Fruit and cream cheese-filled french toast. I'd go back for: The biscuit that looked like a gigantic popover.

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