Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 19

I had to skip out of town for a wedding so SZ and RML held it down at the stand for me. Thanks guys! Here is SZ's account of the day's action:

The chocolate chip Mandel Bread was a big hit this week. We sold out
of the 12oz bags fairly quickly, and nearly moved all of the
individual slices. The granola also got many compliments, although a
few people felt that it was too sweet. For whatever reason, none of
the usual coffee sellers were at the market today, so Berenbaum's had
a monopoly on coffee at the Market, which helped us to sell out
quickly. The weather was beautiful too, very sunny and hot, typical of
NC summers. Becca and Mike of Pie Pushers baked a fresh "Pace Car"
pizza (which was absolutely delicious) for the stand in return for
some baked goods. And as usual, every patron who stopped by
Berenbaum's left with a smile, thanks to Rufus' great customer

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