Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week 20

Week 20 went strong. We had a diverse product offering (6 different items, a high for us) and a lot of fun crowd reaction. We managed to sell, give away to friends, or barter everything produced except for some blueberry syrup which I can continue to sell in the coming weeks. It seems like many vendors at the market have canned goods, so we will have to work to differentiate our jams, syrups, sauces, and pickles. Anyone with a jar-marketing ideas, holler at me. Bread products in a basket are an easy sell. Once the item goes in a bag or a jar, it's like a whole different sales strategy; the food loses its message that says, "This is immediately perishable, this is special, buy me!"

Thanks to William and Friedrich, Maria, Nate and Elizabeth, Vanessa, Alicia, Lili, and Jalin, Amiri, and Jenny for coming through. You guys are the best.

Thanks to RML, SZ, and GP for working the stand - you guys brightened the day and held it down like the pros that you all are. GP, your bilingualism was put to good use yesterday and I thought that was dope. "How do you say cardamom in Spanish?" was the quote of the day.

I saw DD and Durham Farmer's Market got a shout recently in the Times. Go Dirty Durham! Peep the photo op of the charming NS and JS.

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