Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week 18

Big up to Hilary S. on the new blog banner. Contact me if you would like to contract her for graphic design/logo work.

Sales were good this week. We sold everything save for 4 breads that we bartered with other vendors. The weather was amazing. About 75 degrees and sunny at 10AM.

Thanks to Billy for contributing his sourdough recipe to Berenbaum's. We started a 2-day starter-feeding process on Thursday night that ended with a delicious white bread with an awesomely fresh tang with a little bit of sweet in it. It was really fun to go through the process with you man. Next up, let's work on some French bread together.

Thanks to SZ for frying donuts for 2.5 hours in the wee hours of Sat. morning.

Thanks to Nate, the Marvelles, RG, EC, SG, and yoyo for coming through.

Thanks to RML and SZ for working the stand. You guys are always so good with the customers, answering their questions about why we do what we do; you always amaze me with your patience and hospitality.

Thanks to Becca and Mike of Piepushers for bartering baked goods for slices. We love what you do.


Thai Orange Juice

To each cup of orange juice, add .5 teaspoon sugar (large pinch) and 1/16-1/8 teapspoon salt (small pinch). Stir well to dissolve.

Billy's Englewood Sourdough (Adapted Version)

Start with 3 cups of active liquid starter.

In the evening, add 8 cups of flour, 2 cups of water, and .5 cup of sugar. Mix.

First thing the next morning, add 16 cups of flour, 11 cups of water, and .5 cup of sugar. Mix.

By that evening, the starter should be foamy, bubbling, and active. Add to the accumulated starter 20.5 pounds of flour, 4 ounces of instant yeast, 14 cups of water, 4.5 cups of sugar, 4.5 cups oil, and 14 T salt. Mix and knead. Allow 3 hours to rise, then divide into loaves, proof, score, and bake (for 1-lb loaves, bake at 380 for 29 minutes, using steam to aid the oven rise).

Billy with Sourdough in oven

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