Friday, April 13, 2012



  1. Where do things like "EATS" in Atlanta fall? Limited menu economy/cafeteria dining.

    The rooftop vegan restaurant...

  2. Diner: The food at Elmo's is really not very good but it still draws a massive crowd. Honey's always seems to be busy enough. A diner in the old art-deco style auto parts store at the end of Rigsbee St near Fullsteam and MotorCo would be a good architectural fit ...

    Deli: We don't have any kind of decent deli or sandwich shop in town. The closest things are Toast (great, but not a deli), Reliable Cheese (but they are understandably cheese focused), and Parker and Otis. But, I almost forgot about Parker and Otis. I seem to have a habit of doing that.

    Fine Dining: We've got a bunch of fine dining, but they seem pretty consistently busy and profitable, there could be room for more with good concepts.

    Barbeque: The Pit and Durham don't seem like a particularly good fit, but who knows.

    Bakery-Cafe: I don't know, its going to awfully hard to beat Guglhupf.

    Cocktail bar: The bad service and the smoke at Whiskey both drive me bonkers but they seem to be successful anyway. Cocktails at Revolution are really great, by the way. I don't feel like the Roxy is taking off - no buzz and I noticed the standard neon Costco-sourced "OPEN" sign the other day which doesn't match my vision of a successful Cocktail bar.

    Pizzeria: I think Lilly's is going to make a killing. The proposed place at 5 points won't be able to compete, especially if Lilly's opens first. There's enough other utility/cheap pizza around town.

    Food truck parking lot: Doesn't this already exist at Fullsteam/Motorco? I'm ready for some more innovation from our foodtrucks, though. Even though we have a bunch, there's something about this scene that already feels stagnant.

    Coffeehouse: Ok, here's the deal. There is no go-to place for a coffee and a hangout or laptop work anywhere in town. We need our own version of Open Eye in Carrboro. Existing options are too tiny, too crappy, too much like a restaurant or jazz club, have no Wi-Fi, etc. I could write an entire article about the shortcomings of the various coffeehouses around town.

  3. Other things we need in/around downtown that you didn't ask about:

    Good Middle Eastern food.

    Good Chinese food.

    Good Japanese/Sushi.

    Good ice cream.