Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 55

The product: We are learning that there is typically a greater demand for savory tarts early in the morning (i.e. breakfast).  Later, the attractiveness of the peanut butter chocolate tartlets drew in a lot of customers ("What are those?  Those are beautiful!").  The tarts looked so good even the venerable piemaker Phoebe Lawless checked us out for a microsecond on her way to the parking lot.  Everything sold really well - 118 out of 120 tartlets sold or bartered, and all but one of the whole wheat breads.  Many rave reviews as per usual of Ruch's Famous Kimchi -- AR, you are building quite a fan base!  For a new customer who wanted to potentially make his own kimchi, we recommended Katz' Wild Fermentation, which is a useful introduction to pickling.

Our awesome customers: EC & SMG, Leia, Joel+3, Marybeth and Allen, Adam S., Belinda, Adam R., Harris&Nat&Madeline, Keita, Walter&Ben&Linda, Jennifer+1, Brendon & Aiden & Sue + 2; Annie & Mike.

Resident Tartlet Expert, Madeline

New-ish addition to the Berenbaum's fanbase, Calvin, 3 months, son of Joel

The crew: Big up big up to RML, AR, Ali. R., and RG.  You guys amaze me.  Ali R., special big ups for decoding the mysteries of the pastry sheeter for our tartlet-making.

The Weekend, Part Two: On Sunday, we went to the Bull City Food Exchange at Fullsteam, wherein local folks traded homemade food.  We scored some Lemon Balm Jelly, Pickles, Strawberry Jam, Fudgy Graham Bars, and two plates of Mama Jean's BBQ.   Big ups to Devin, Justine, Belinda, Carolyn, and others for putting this inspiring event together.

Cute couple at the Bull City Food Exchange, Shanna and Miles


  1. Dang, I was out of town and missed the peanut butter chocolate tarts. Hope they make an appearance again!

  2. We'll try. They were very brownie-like.