Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week 57

Making a Scene: Whoah.  Saturday was a world-record day for us.  We brought higher-ticket items (babka and challah), made more tartlets (nearly 160), and the weather was optimal.  The entire marketplace was very, very busy.

Ginger Honey Chess Tartlet.  Photo by Weege.

I can't stop posting pictures of Ruch's kimchi.  This week's iteration was the spiciest yet and not for the faint of heart or palate.

Our awesome customers: The Rodgers family & LP, RG & EC & SMG, SSS, Joel et al., Katie & Todd & Lucas, Jason & Jennifer, Leia, Phil, Adam S. & Heather C., Weege & Friedrich et al., Laurie & Jeff.

Our giveaway winners this week, Katie, Todd, and lil' napping Lucas

Wholesale: Joe van Gogh on Broad has picked up our tartlets for their cafe.  If you missed them this weekend, a couple may still be there by the time you are reading this.  Our tartlets can also be found weekly at Respite Cafe and Reliable Cheese.

The crew: Many thanks to our hardworking crew: Ali R., AR, and SZ.  A busy market meant we were kept on our toes at the stand...thanks so much fellas for being so dependable!

Loaf: I finally got to tour Ron Graff's Loaf operation.  The amount of bread that he is able to produce from his one wood-fire oven is truly impressive.  I don't think I've ever met personally a baker more dedicated to his craft than Ron.  Also, big shouts to his crew/conspirators, Jamie and Anna.


  1. Ginger tartlett photo is a winner. Must taste as good as it looks - probably better. Colors are perfect!