Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Week 56

Account this week from AR:

The Product: We brought back the Chili-Garlic and Strawberry Cream Tartlets this week, refining our crust and fillings. Ali R. saw them through from start to finish, and they keep getting better as we continue to refine our tartlet-making techniques. The Chili-Garlic especially turned out great: it has a thin and flaky crust with a soft custard center. Those featured more Spanish Mahon from Reliable Cheese, which complemented nicely the hints of spice from the peppers and garlic. We made and sold or wholesaled 108 tartlets altogether. The Potato-Dill Bread sold at a slow but steady pace throughout the morning. A variation of our regular potato bread with added fresh Piedmont Biofarm dill, it polarized our customers into pro- and anti-dill camps. We had no idea it was so divisive! We thought we would have a few left over, but Phil from the LoMo Market swooped in just before noon to grab our last few loaves. We also sold or bartered 7 pints of Kimchi, which seems to be developing a small but loyal following.

The fabled Ruch kimchi; April McGregor, holler at us!
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The Crew: With our namesake out of town this weekend, AR, Ali R, and JM picked up the slack in the kitchen, and RML and SZ kept the stand moving smoothly throughout the morning.  Big up to RG on the deliveries.

Product Placement: You can find our product this week at Reliable Cheese, Respite, Lomo Market, and NOFO Raleigh.

Coming up: Babka's back!

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  1. Ahhh I'm in the anti-dill camp, but I may have just become a convert for that bread...