Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week 58

Account this week from AR:

The Scene: The YMCA parking lot behind the stand was taken over this week by the fifth annual Doughman relay, raising money for programs at the SEEDS community garden. (If you aren’t already in the know, watch the Doughman episode of Man v. Food from a few years ago.) The morning was sunny and hot, and all the local trucks were out in full force. So was much of Durham—at least those devoted enough to community gardening, athletics, gluttony, or some combination thereof—and we gained more exposure from the additional foot traffic.

The Product: This week we brought out Spinach Leek and French Coconut Tartlets, along with our Pain au Levain. The tartlets seem to be catching on pretty quickly, and have outsold the bread for several weeks running. This week also saw the return of our Iced Chai, just in time for the warmer summer weather.

Photo by Weege

The Crew: The smaller but dedicated crew came together to keep the stand going while AB was away. Extra thanks to Ali R. in the kitchen, RML at the stand, and RG on the bike delivery route.

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