Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 83

The Scene: The first day of Winter Market is always special.  We get another two hours of sleep (markets open at 10AM instead of 8AM), the air is crisp, and the customers are generally our regulars as the DFM now lacks its spring/summer fruits and vegetables (e.g. tomatoes).  The sun came out and no jacket was needed despite it being the first day of December.

The Product: We brought Pumpkin Chai Hand Pies, BBQ Tofu Hand Pies, and Irish Soda Bread.

Our awesome patrons: Anna, EC &SMG, Marybeth and Allen, HM, Annie&Andy&Miriam, Alila, Charles and Fantine, Leah, Ian, Milton, Franklin & Frances, Erik.

Da Crew: Many many props to our crew: Andy, Val, Chef Matt, Jamie, SZ, Sara & Jeff.  Extra thanks to Chef Matt who prepared our vegan fillings despite the passing the day before of his beloved dog, Miles, RIP.

Berenbaum's Holiday Party: We will be hosting the 2nd Annual Berenbaum's Holiday Party this year at my house on December 16th.  We do this to express our gratitude to customers, friends, and staff who have made 2012 a great year.  Please email me at berenbaums at gmail dot com if you would like an invite with time and location.

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