Monday, December 24, 2012

Week 86

The Product: Bialys, Empanadas de Pina (Puerto Rico!), Jamaican Hand Pies, and Chocolate Shortbread Cookies.

Our Awesome Customers:  Many thanks to all of our customers who patronized us in 2012.  We could not be what we are without you.  Big thanks this week to Margaret F., Beth F., HM, Adam S., Annie, Harriet+1, Willie, Dave, Leah, Tom B, Joel&Megan et al.

Da Crew: Many thanks this entire year to all our crew and volunteers.  Thanks especially this week to Andy, SZ, Chef Matt, Jamie, and Val.

Andy modeling his vintage store throwback Y2K New Year's Eve sweater

Food Sighting of the Week: Man spotted on Chapel Hill Street pulling a half-keg on an open bike trailer (to a party at the Scrap Exchange as I later found out).

New Stand at Market: Shelly the mini-cheesecake lady set up next to us on Hunt Street with sweets and a big old gallon of milk set in ice from Homeland Creamery.  If you come by in 2013, give her a shout -- she's very friendly!

Coming in 2013: More blogging and baking, and always thinking about expanding our operations!  We're looking forward to trying more pumpernickels, maybe adding some vegan soups, and further perfecting our babkas.

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