Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 85

The Product:  Going against the grain of Jewish Holiday Foods, we made a "authentic" Stollen on Saturday.
Our Stollen was unlike the Stollen that you would find at other outlets this holiday season. We aimed to produce Stollen that was more like what you would find in 15th Century Saxony ( What that means is that the prior to the production of refined white flours, whole grain flours (coarsely milled whole wheat flour) was likely used. Hence, we used 70% wheat flour which is more hearty. Also, prior to commercial yeasts, natural starters/yeasts were used, giving a long rising time to the bread, and greater depth of flavor. We used a natural leaven, with just the slightest bit of commercial (fast-rising) yeast to assist in the rise.  The result was pleasing, and we received many compliments.  The only elements that I missed were the candied orange peel and candied lemon peel which I could not procure.

One of our bike delivery customers followed up with an email after tasting the Stollen:
"OMG -- this is THE best stollen I've ever had, quite similar to the ones I enjoyed a couple of years ago when visiting Germany right before Christmas.  Great texture, nice subtle sweetness...  I've frozen the other two for Christmas morning."

60 pounds of Stollen dough, filled with brandied raisins and almonds, butter, and eggs

Customers from Awesometown: Madrienne and Mark, Kevin and Esme, Joel and Megan et al., Adam and Chris, George, LD, the Stock-Hoffmans, JB et al., RML, Claire and Mike.

Mmm...Stollen.  RML with his giveaway.

The Infamous Crew: Mant thanks as always to Jamie, Chef Matt, Val, Andy, and SZ.

Brunnnncccchhh: Chef Matt's Vegan Brunch Sunday morning at Ninth Street Bakery was a big hit.  Here is a pic of the line going out the door.  I look forward to seeing more of these!

Berenbaum's Holiday Party: Thanks to all who made it out Sunday afternoon/evening for an epic 2nd Annual Berenbaum's Holiday Party.  The house was filled with tots and babies large and small, crew members, patrons, and friends.  We consumed or gifted four quiches, eight Chocolate Walnut Bourbon Pies, two Pumpkin Pies, numerous tartlets and vegan hand pies, pan con tomate, raw bok choi salad (greens bartered from Lil' Farm), and ten Stollen served with house Tangerine Marmalade.  Ben F. brought a wonderful pint of spiced bread and butter pickle slices, Annie S. brought awesome homemade caramels, and Lindsay P. brought an inspired Elderberry Ginger Tea Kombucha.

The Holiday Table

This week: Last weekend of the year, I am thinking of bringing it all back -- bialys!

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  1. Wish I could have been there for the holiday party - sounds amazing. Bialys? You may get a surprise visit from Lo and Jeff =)