Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 106

This week we had Superfood Salad, BBQ Tofu Savory Vegan Hand Pies, Spiced Pear Sweet Vegan Hand Pies, Vegan Duplex Cremes, Raisinwiches (Vegan), and Vegan Chips Ahoy Cookies.

Many thanks to our hard-working crew: Andy, Val, Fantine, Jaime&Jay, SZ, and Chef Matt.

Track of the Week:

This Week: Day One will be off for next Saturday for Memorial Day, but Berenbaum's will be up and running.  It will be the Doughman Race that day, and we will be a part of the food fair that goes along with it.  We will be stationed across the street from our usual spot to accommodate all the food trucks that are coming out.


  1. Did you send Dad vegan chocolate chip cookies for his bday???? Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. Yes - thought to be truthful - regular chips ahoy are about the same thing. did he like them?