Monday, May 6, 2013

Day One: Indian Cuisine

This week's wrapup on the Indian Cuisine theme (from 5/4/13) comes from Chef Matt.  Check out this photo of the Parlour's Vegan Mango Lassi Sorbet that we plated as our dessert course.  I heard the flavor was "off the chain".

In the great melting pot which is the American landscape you can find so much amazing culture if you bother to look around for it: Music, fashion, philosophy, lifestyle, and food from every corner of the world is often represented within the confines of a mere city block. As cultures become more interwoven in America, they also (sadly) can become more watered down and bland in their transition towards assimilation. In my mind the loss of cultural authenticity is most tragic when it comes to food (and, no surprise to anyone who knows me, music). 

With our Indian Night menu, we really aimed to capture some of the more exotic flavors that many strip-mall Indian restaurants would be hesitant to advertise to the average American palate, yet without totally sending anyone into completely unknown territory. 

While everything had its place (e.g. naan (shouts to Andy for preparing this), chickpea (chaana) salad, curry, and the incredible mango lassi sorbet that really stole the show for most folks (prepared by our homies at The Parlour)), my favorite component of the night was the Indian pickle course. Traditional Indian pickle is probably the most sour, salty creation I've ever tasted in my life. Bolder than any food on the planet, and so unapologetic in its aggressive one-two punch of flavors that are criminally underused (or often completely avoided) in most cuisines that have found success in our country. The spices were so exotic and unfamiliar; the way the pungency carves a path through your palate and wakes it up take-no-prisoners-style is simply mesmerizing (our version was toned down just a touch so as not to overshadow anything else, but next time you're dining at an Indian spot you owe it to yourself to try the real deal). 

Shout out to everyone that's been kind enough to allow us to get a little nerdy with our themes and cuisine. The fact that y'all keep coming out with so much support and interest motivates us to keep the ball rolling on this culinary adventure that is Day One. We have an endless supply of inspiration and look forward to feeding folks interesting food as long as you'll have us. Stay tuned...

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