Saturday, December 4, 2010

bourgeois scones

i was getting my hair cut the other week and there was a hair product on the shelf called "Dumb Blonde", and i thought, my isn't that catchy? so in that vein, i thought of different things you could call products that insult the very people you are trying to sell to, albeit in a humorous way. hence, "bourgeois scones". do weigh in on this. do people inherently want to get called out, or is it their chance to say, "man, i love buying these tasty scones because if i am one thing it is certainly not bourgeois; i am totally subverting the class system of culinary taste!"?

1 comment:

  1. I always wanted to name a sandwich, yuppie tuna. Not sure if it's actually a good business idea but I thought it would be funny. I think with the shampoo, it's a little different because you're not buying directly from the maker. Also, the dumb blonde joke is kind of a cliched cultural reference. It's easier to do in a tongue-and-cheek way. It might be harder to pull off calling something bougie. Though I could see it working or calling something bobo. The other question is by potentially offending some of your customers, do you endear yourself more to others - the ones you actually want, and develop a cultish sense of loyalty from them.
    I also think calling certain products the poor man's something could be funny. Like calling an americano the poor man's latte.