Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a terrible bout of procrastination

and in this terrible bout of procrastination, i waited a year to do anything about opening a food concept store/stand/truck. and much of the procrastination revolved around incorporation, health permitting, zoning laws, and other complicated stuff that 1) took me a long time to get all the details about and 2) i put off because i feared it would complicate things. so i waited a year. and then, in one day, i got everything done. i took an assumed business name at the register of deeds. i got a zoning verfication letter from the city planning department saying i was opening a home-based business though my sales would occur at a mobile food stand. i got a business privilege license from the business license unit saying i could sell stuff and pay taxes in Durham. and i got a mobile food permit from that same unit saying i could sell that food at a mobile stand. all in one day. i think it took longer but was slightly less uncomfortable than a visit to the dentist. so if you got an idea, don't let an opaque bureaucratic city government stymie your motivation to start selling. it's not so bad, you just need to ask a lot of "dumb" questions and keep things moving forward.

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