Saturday, December 4, 2010

to rotate or not to rotate

one of the key questions for mx + b has been how many products to carry and how often to rotate them. seasonally? every day? every week? i feel like people, especially bourgeois people who eat out for a meal almost every day, want variety. only about 25% of folks are satisfied doing the same ol' same every day. having less choices, but rotating them more benefits mx+b's economies of scale. yet at the same time, if you heard that they had a good plate of friend chicken, you show up, and instead they're serving risotto, you might be pissed. also, some folks like a little bit of consistency. for example, my friend said, "i just want to find a place for a good turkey sandwich." so obviously she could go to Subway, but there is the idea that basics are not being well-provided for in Durham.

i'm leaning toward less products with more variety. to supplement this, i am thinking canned/preserved goods that can have a long shelf life. pickles, preserves, dressings, sauces, etc.

also, because i am thinking of starting mx+b with a stand/cart, it makes sense to have just one or two products to sell that are awesome, like babka.

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