Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Mark of a Professional

I was speaking with my friend MT last night about mx+b and explaining that we were starting with a stand because i thought it was best to start with the lowest risk, lowest investment. then i can see if i have anything interesting going as a business concept, and build from there. to which she said, you know, some people won't take you seriously unless you have a truck. i agree with that, partially. the other part is that folks around here also understand the food venture concept, go to stands at the farmer's market, etc., where things can be a little more loose and they will still try it. so the key is to make it look professional and not a sketchy operation. so if you do a stand, there should be a bake case, a professional looking sign, a tent, a tablecloth. the service workers should look classy, not bedraggled.


  1. btw, i don't know why i said that. i was imagining that the options were a food truck or a lemonade stand-type affair out in the plaza... a stand at the farmers market is a whole other thang.

  2. true....but even then, you have to come correct.