Saturday, July 9, 2011

Week 22

We had a pleasant day on Saturday. RML was in an especially good mood, making everyone laugh and smile. We sold well; because bread is our highest-ticket product, margins, revenues, and net profits were higher.

Big up to our customers and friends who came by: Atrac and Suzy, Sara, Daniel, Katie, and Eli.

There was a new seller on the corner, Bramad (sp.?) from Raleigh, selling shawls. Not clear whether he was doing enough business to merit sticking around.

Also, there is a father and son duo selling lemonade now on the corner, Greg and Josh, respectively. Nice guys.

Big up to our awesome crew: RML, SZ, MPT, thanks guys!

News: Our Walnut Raisin Mandel Bread will be carried at Reliable Cheese as of next Saturday! I'm not sure how often we will be able to supply there or how fast it will sell out, but it sounds like a good thing. Patrick, the Reliable Cheese owner, is really doing some wonderful things. Highly recommended.

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